Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Smile Bag that you can't miss!

This bag come with two different size.
For Bigger Size: Width 34cm Height 30 cm Gusset 13cm
For Smaller Size: Width 29cm Height 25cm Gusset 11cm

Material: PU imported from Korea 
*which different material from our previous posts

Code: A13-0303
Price: RM89.90
Size: Bigger or Smaller
Color available in Diamond Blue and Pink 
Please place your order at 

2013 Retro Bucket Bag

 There are different size in this design, for color White, Turkey Blue, Pink and Yellow
the size are smaller, which cannot insert A4 size. 
(please refer to comparison picture below to have a better idea) 

For vintage red and almond color, the size are bigger, which can insert A4 papers

Inner view of the bag

The comparison picture between 2 sizes.

Code: A13-0302
Price: RM 78.00 
For smaller size : available in White, Turkey Blue, Pink and Yellow
For bigger size: Vintage Red and Almond 
For order and further inquiries please email to 


We get spotted by Fashion Clicks! , Thanks for the reviews we appreciate alot.
What are you waiting for? Faster grab your most favourite colors.
More new bags will be coming soon, stay tuned =) 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

March New Updates

2013 Spring Festival 
A simple and easy mix and match bag
Different colors in different occasions

With gorgeous Pink, it a must to bring it along with you during dating! 

Black, Mayi have bought a same one to work. 
Simple and nice and easily match with my OL suits. 

The hottest color in trends now, Navy Blue!
attractive and fashion. 

Apart from black, California Orange also a color which easily match with your attire.

Code: A13- 0301
Price: RM 79.90
Color available in Gorgeous Pink, Black, Navy Blue and California Orange
Place your order at 

Monday, 31 December 2012

Brand New Items for 2013!!!

Dark Blue
Original Price: 109.90

Wednesday, 26 December 2012